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Unity3D: Using textures larger than 4096×4096

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This post explains how to assign images larger than 4096×4096 px as textures in Unity. This image size is the maximum supported dimension for a texture in that game engine, however Unity allows us to write our own custom shaders that can use four images as textures, instead of just one.

Therefore, this post shows how to create a simple diffuse shader that takes four images to compose a single texture. That way, a 8192×8192 image can be used as a texture by breaking it into four 4096×4096 pieces, thus respecting the engine’s image size limit.


How to add shaders to Ocarina of Time

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This post explains how to add shaders to 1964, a Nintendo 64 emulator, meaning that it is possible to emulate N64 games with effects like bloom, HDR, or even sepia. It can be done without high resolution texture packs, but if you want to learn how to replace the original game’s texture for better results, check out thisĀ  post: How to play Ocarina of Time with high resolution textures.

The first step is to download the 1964 emulator. By the time this post had been written, the latest version was the 1.1.0, found at: 1964 Download Page.

The 1964_11.rar file comes with the emulator executable and source code. The emulator executable is at the bin/release folder. Extract all contents of the Release folder to some place you can find later.