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Unity: changing Editor settings from outside Unity

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This post is aimed specifically at those who have opened Unity only to find out that it is crashing because of some recently added problematic script on the project. The text below shows how to circumvent this problem by enabling the ‘Always Show Project Wizard‘ option without the need to launch Unity. This tutorial will focus on how to do it on a Windows machine, with Unity version 3.5.6f4 installed. Mac Unity developers should take a look at this thread on Unity Answers.

The most well known method to make Unity load straight into the Project Wizard is to hold the left ALT while double clicking on the Unity icon. As described, it will take Unity straight into the Project Wizard. That way, you can choose another project and them enable the ‘Always Show Project Wizard at Startup‘ option by selecting Edit->Preferences.

Unity Preferences - Always Show Project Wizard

Enable this option and Unity will open the Project Wizard every time it’s started.


Squares, an openFrameworks application

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This is a video from my first try to do something interactive using openFrameworks. It has been quite a learning experience. Capturing and detecting motion from a single webcam isn’t as straightforward as it appears to be.

Luckily, openFrameworks already comes with the OpenCV add-on, that makes things much easier when it comes to background subtraction and blob detection. Before that, I was trying to make my own camera movement detection based on a defined color range. It didn’t work well enough to make a video of it and it didn’t work at night, being that it was extremely susceptible to light condition changes. Using the OpenCV add-on was just a matter of choosing the background subtraction algorithm and using the blob detection at the processed image.


New Project: ‘Interactive Squares’

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Finally, a new project! It’s been a while since a post was published in this section of the website.

This is a project I’ve being developing, and will be called ‘Interactive Squares’ for now. It’s basically a interactive piece that is being created using the openFrameworks toolkit.

I have started this project using ActionScript, but thought it could be much more interesting if the user used a webcam for the input.

The application consists of a group of gray squares that are repelled each time the element that is controlled with the mouse collides with one of them. A gray square only returns to its original position after the black one is at a certain distance from it.

So, here’s a working prototype made with Flash: (more…)

Merry Christmas! – New YouTube Channel

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Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!  I hope that you got what you wanted this time.

Some may think that I have abandoned the Retro Games section of the website. That’s not true! To prove it, why not watch some videos at the new 41 Post YouTube Channel? There, you will find videos related to the Retro Games posts, basically gameplay videos from the MODs and source ports reviewed here. I’m adding videos to every post in that category, and hope to release new videos the same day as new posts arrive. All videos will be at 1080p (if the content supports it).

Last but not least, in a near future, videos that show some of the projects I’m currently working on will be there too.

That said, please subscribe to 41 Post YouTube Channel!

New Project: Web Game

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This project is going to be a 3D game that can be played on regular web browsers. In this game, the player has to try to collect as many crystals as possible while trying to keep the robot alive. There is no plan for a release date yet.

Of course, there are some other gameplay features, but I will be releasing more news about this project when it reaches the beta version. Luckily, I’m not doing this alone. I’m working with a great 3D artist called Basílio, he has set up a temporary blog here: Augusto Basílio Design.

Here’s a teaser image:

Teaser Image

What do you think?