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New Project: ‘Interactive Squares’

New Project: ‘Interactive Squares’ thumbnail

Finally, a new project! It’s been a while since a post was published in this section of the website.

This is a project I’ve being developing, and will be called ‘Interactive Squares’ for now. It’s basically a interactive piece that is being created using the openFrameworks toolkit.

I have started this project using ActionScript, but thought it could be much more interesting if the user used a webcam for the input.

The application consists of a group of gray squares that are repelled each time the element that is controlled with the mouse collides with one of them. A gray square only returns to its original position after the black one is at a certain distance from it.

So, here’s a working prototype made with Flash:

Drag the black square using the mouse

This is basically what I’m trying to achieve, although images from the webcam will be used to push the gray squares instead of a mouse controlled element. Hopefully, I will be able to add more effects to look better than that.

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