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TA3D: Total Annihilation in 3D

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Total Annihilation is a strategy game released back in 1997. It is one of those games that can make you forget about the time, even if played today. The original version is fun and complete, but what if you want to play it with 3D graphics? That’s why there is TA3D, (Total Annihilation 3D) which is a source port of the original game.

TA3D, as you might have guessed, makes it possible to play Total Annihilation with 3D graphics and some other improvements. For comparison, here are two screenshots, one is from the original game, and the other is from TA3D:

Original TA screenshot

Original game screenshot.

TA3D Screenshot

TA3D Screenshot.

Differently from the original version, TA3D isn’t available exclusively for Windows and Mac OS, it has also a Linux version. Windows installation is very simple, just run the installer, get the required game files from the original disc and place them inside TA3D’s Resources sub-folder.

Apart from the stunning graphics, there are other improvements made to the game itself such as the options menu (with lots of new configurations), a redesigned in-game GUI, a console (like Quake) and new cameras (it becomes a 3D game, so being able to change cameras is a good addition). On top of that, TA3D is able to execute LUA scripts, changing some game characteristics, such as redefining winning conditions and changing enemies’ behavior. There is a guide to TA3D here, explaining the new menus and an introduction on how to play the game.

TA3D Ocean Image

Nice water reflections and effects.

Now, for those of you that haven’t played the game yet, this is a good chance to have fun with this great strategy game. For those others familiar with the game, and have been waiting for improved graphics or more features to play it again, it doesn’t get better than this.

This is a gameplay video of the first ARM Campaign Mission on TA3D:

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  1. Flat Eric says:

    Thx a lot for this interesting entry. I recently bought TA via GOG. TA3D seems like a nice project that I will keep im mind…

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