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DukePlus – EDuke32 with added features

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DukePlus is an EDuke32 MOD. Those who aren’t familiar with EDuke32, check out this post: Revisiting Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32.

DukePlus adds new features to EDuke32, like new graphical elements such as: transparent water, transparent glass, water splashes, weather effects, a great number of HUDs improvements… the list is extensive, so check it out here. DukePlus also works with HRP (High Resolution Pack), after all, DukePlus is EDuke32 with more options. But what is really impressive are the number of gameplay features that comes with DukePlus.

These gameplay features include the possibility to play mirrored game levels, add cooperative bots to aid you, display health bars over the characters, spawn monsters with random attributes, add more enemies and ammo to each level, use a new and enhanced enemy A.I., the list is huge. There are also new actions for Duke Nukem, like dashing (double tap walk key), ledge grabbing, pushing and pulling objects, a new kick, wield two pistols at once, etc.

The sound had been modified in DukePlus. New sound effects for gunshots and explosions will replace the original ones.

All these new features can be configured, enabled and disabled at the DukePlus Menu, which can be accessed anytime while playing the game, although some changes (like mirroring levels) require the game to be restarted. It is possible restore the original Duke Nukem 3D configurations by selecting “Reset to Classic Defaults”.

DukePlus shows what is possible to achieve with the EDuke32 engine. The new features are excellent additions to the game.

Check out these screenshots:

DukePlus Screenshot - Akimbo Pistols

Akimbo Pistols in Eduke32? Nice!

DukePlus - Ship Level Screenshot

Even Duke Nukem's ship can be controlled.

Screenshot of Explosions

Great explosion effects.

DukePlus Cannon Object Screenshot

Even a cannon has been added.

Unlike EDuke32 (which works with the original Duke Nukem 3D versions), DukePlus is compatible only with Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition.

People should try the game with the new additions, they really add more depth to to game. Although very fun, it isn’t for every player, after all it is a MOD. So, those players that are after the original Duke Nukem 3D experience,  are better off with EDuke32. Now, for those others who are experienced Duke Nukem 3D players, or just want to play the game with new features, options and levels, check out DukePlus. If the new stuff starts to bother you, remember that it is possible reset to the classic settings anytime.

UPDATE: Just added a video of DukePlus running with the HRP:

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