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Android OpenGL: Texture from Canvas

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Another post about Android programming, although this time, it’s going to incorporate some OpenGL techniques. The code below shows how to draw a Canvas into a Bitmap, and then, load it as a OpenGL texture object. This means that it is possible to use all Canvas methods to draw into a texture, like drawCircle(), drawPoints() or drawText(). This is useful to render text to a texture and to dynamically generate textures.

So here’s the code: (more…)

How to play Ocarina of Time with high resolution textures

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This post will explain the necessary steps to run The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or any other N64 with high resolution textures. It’s easy to find tutorials explaining how to get the new textures working with the Project64 emulator, but here you will find information on how to get these textures working with the 1964 (nineteen64) emulator. The process described here will be the same for other emulators, since the video plug-in is the actual responsible for swapping textures, so, the instructions contained in this post should also work with Project64.

The following images are an example of what the game will look like after the addition of high resolution textures:

Original Game Textures Image

Original Game Textures.

Zelda High Resolution Texture Screenshot

OOT with high resolution textures applied.


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