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Android: how to rotate a View element

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Another Android programming tutorial, this time, explaining how to rotate a View element using two distinct approaches. Not only that, but this post also presents a brief explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. The code featured here has been tested on both the emulator and on a real device running Android 2.1 . Before going any further, please bear in mind that from Android 3.0 (API level 11), a setRotation() method has been added to the View class, therefore, it should be used instead of the code described in this article, which focuses on lower level APIs.

The first and perhaps most direct method of rotating a View element is to create a class that inherits from a View widget that needs to be rotated, for example, the TextView or the Button. Then, inside this class, the onDraw() method must be overridden. (more…)

Android: Use ccache with Android NDK on Cygwin

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This Android tutorial explains how to set-up ccache to work with the NDK on Cygwin environments. Ccache is a great tool that detects unnecessary code recompilation by comparing the current source compilation with previously cached results, thus reducing the time it takes to complete. The support for ccache has been officially added to the 7th revision of the NDK.

The instructions in this posts have been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits, using Cygwin 6.1, Eclipse 3.5.2 and obviously, Android NDK r7. The commands to compile Android native code are from this post. (more…)

Android: Initialize View child class object from a XML file

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This tutorial shows how to inherit from the View class to create your own customized View element, and how to initialize an object from this child class with parameters defined at a layout XML file. There are two major advantages in this approach over initializing the extended View object at the Activity.

The first is that the Java part of your code remains clean, without a lot of member variable assignments to set the View’s basic parameters. The second and most important, is the possibility to instantly preview the changes at the Graphical Layout tool in Eclipse without the need to execute the application. This means that the space this customized View element takes on the screen can be immediately be seen and adjusted, if necessary.


Android: Fixing the API 12 Demos project errors

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This post shows how to fix some of the most common errors when creating a project with the API 12 (Android 3.1) demos in the Eclipse IDE. The API samples comes bundled with the Android SDK and are a set of Activities that exemplifies how to do almost anything in Android. Following the instructions described at the official documentation to create a new Eclipse project with the API demos 12 code will cause a lot of errors.


Android: reading float values from a XML file

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When programming an Android app, data such as integers, drawables and strings can be loaded from XML files through the Resources class, using their automatically generated IDs. But a float can’t be placed in these XML files, since the Resources class won’t generate IDs for it. This post will focus on explaining how to load a float, and some other values from a customized XML file. All code featured in this tutorial is available at the end of the post.

It’s worth mentioning that this example uses the XmlResourceParser class (a XML pull parser) to read the contents from a XML file. This is just one of the three available methods of retrieving the contents of a XML file in Android. That being said, the first thing we are going to need is the XML file. (more…)

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