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Arrows Live Wallpaper, an arrow flood on your screen!

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Update: Get the FULL version ! Or, get the FREE version!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been creating an Android live wallpaper and preparing its release. It’s called Arrows Live Wallpaper. As the name implies, it’s an Android live wallpaper that consists of colorful arrows that are constantly moving around. At the background, there’s a equally colorful image that fills up the entire screen adding to the overall effect. Also, you will get lots of options to customize just about everything on the wallpaper, such as the theme, color scheme, arrows speed and battery consumption. Here’s a screenshot:

Arrows Live Wallpaper Screenshot

It’s extremely colorful. Click on the image to enlarge.

You will be able to change all the colors of the application by selecting a Theme at the Arrows Live Wallpaper preference screen:

Theme Selection Dialog Screenshot

Simple, as that. Just select a theme to change the background and the colors of all arrows.

The preference screen has lots of options to better customize the Arrows Live Wallpaper, without being overly complex. It was created to be simple and still allow great control over the live wallpaper itself. Also, not only the appearance and speed of the arrows can be tweaked, but also, the balance between graphical quality and battery function can be set using a single seek bar control:

Performance vs. Battery settings

Adjust this setting as you see fit. Choose between saving battery or boosting the graphical performance.

Because you know what’s best for you. You’ll have two versions of this wallpaper, the FREE and the FULL (paid) version. The FREE version will get you the Neon Night theme and the Sunrise color scheme:

FREE version screenshot.

Screenshot showing all possible variations of the FREE version.

The FREE version is ad supported, meaning it requires internet access and network state permissions also, this version won’t get as many updates as the FULL version.The FREE version has a single theme (Neon Night) and two color schemes (Original and Sunrise).

The FULL version is the one that has it all: three themes (Neon Night, Light Leak, Rogue Rainbow) and three color schemes (Sunrise, Original, Sunset). In other words, a total of 9 possible combinations! So, for the price of a single app you’ll get the equivalent of 9 different live wallpapers:

Screenshot of all possible combinations of the FULL version

These are all the nine possible combinations available only in the FULL version. Click the image to enlarge

And that’s not all, the FULL version doesn’t have ads. Also, new updates will be pushed more frequently to the FULL version and possibly new features and content will be added exclusively to the FULL version.

The Arrows Live Wallpaper has been designed to be compatible with Android 2.1 and above.

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