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OpenGL: Configuring GLFW and GLEW in Visual C++ Express

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This post shows how to configure Visual C++ Express 2010 with GLFW (version 3.0.1) and GLEW (version 1.9.0)[1].

There are many tutorials on the internet that explains how to configure Visual C++ Express with those exact same libraries[2]. However, this one focus on how to proceed with this setup while avoiding copying any of the header and library files to the Visual C++ Express installation folders, system folders or the Windows SDK folder.

To put it into a summarized manner, all you have to do is to download and install the Visual C++ Express; download and extract the GLFW and GLEW binaries; create a project; configure the project so it can locate the GLFW and GLEW header and lib files; and initialize and use both libraries in your application.

Therefore, this tutorial is divided into 8 parts: (more…)

Unity: expandable GUI Window

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This Unity programming tutorial shows how to create a GUI window that changes between two pre-determined sizes, in other words, an expandable GUI window that can be shrunk down, back to its original size. The code on this post has been developed using Unity 4.0.1f2, and an example project is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Unity’s GUI windows elements are very useful, not only because they can visually group various GUI elements, but also due to the possibility of repositioning it on the screen. For that reason, the script features some additional logic that allows for the windows to be resized at the correct position on the screen, even if it has been dragged by the user.

Here’s a short video of what the code below achieves: