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Unity3D: JavaScript vs. C# – Part 1

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This is the first post of a series that will discuss some differences between JavaScript and C# when programming for Unity3D game engine. A project with all the scripts used in these posts will be available for download in the last post of the series. So let’s start from the start and see some of the main differences between the two languages.

The first and most easily distinguishable is the notation used to declare variables and methods. When programming in JavaScript, it isn’t necessary to declare the variable or method type whether in C#, it’s a must. That is because JavaScript is a weakly typed language, meaning that the interpreter chooses the best type to use at compilation-time. C# is a totally different because it is strongly typed, so, the type has to be declared before a variable or method. Let’s see some examples to better grasp this concept. The following script is a JavaScript example: (more…)