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Android: Detecting Double Tap Events

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This Android tutorial explains how to create an Activity that “listens” to double tap events. Doing that isn’t as trivial as getting a single tap from the screen, however writing a code that registers when the screen has been touched twice isn’t complex either. The example featured in this post works on the emulator and on a real Android device.

To implement the double tap, some classes and interfaces are going to be needed, but it’s best to show the example Activity code before explaining each one of them: (more…)

Android: touchscreen ‘swipe’ movement detection

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This post explains how to code a simple swipe screen movement detection that can be used to control characters and other objects on an Android game or any other application.

All this code is written inside the View class, so open it up and let’s get to it. The first thing we will have to do is to create four different variables: one pair will store where the screen was touched, and the other one will be used to store the difference between the location where the screen has been pressed and where the screen has been released. Create this variables and assign zero to all of then, like this: (more…)