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Unity: list files in a directory

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This Unity3D programming post explains how to create a C# script that lists the files in a directory. Additionally, for the sake of completeness, this post also shows a rudimentary method that allows to select one of the files from the list and how to deal with some of the potential IO errors.

Here’s a screenshot of the code in action:

Unity - List files in a directory - example project screenshot


How to get Android local files URI

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When programming applications for Android that requires the playback of audio or video files, sometimes, there’s the need to obtain the URI of those media files instead of using a String for the absolute path. But what is a URI? A URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is an address to an local or internet resource. It’s more like a standardized path syntax that allows pointing to a specific resource that’s available over the internet, however we are going to use it to point it to a local resource.

A URI is specially useful, when using the VideoView class to load a video located on the res folder or in the SD card. Passing the video file to the VideoView as a String won’t even work on an emulated Android device. This way, we need to get the URI of the file.